MakeMyPromo is the latest in a suite of online stores under the PR Ventures Pty Ltd (ABN 21 125 924 021). It joins the other PR Ventures (PRV) stores -,,, and The team behind these stores bring their decades-long experience to the promotional products arena. The goal is to give you, the customer, a hassle-free experience. We take care of your promotional needs so you and your team can concentrate on growing your business. 


MakeMyPromo was born from a need to give customers an alternative. Some would say, a better alternative. It was born from public demand. Customers who dealt with our uniform, workwear & other stores requested that we bring our expertise into the promotional products space. They needed the same attention to detail and work-horse attitude. For promotional products, they wished to deal with the same team doing their apparel branding. Encouraged by their trust and wanting to bring a better experience to other customers, we formed MakeMyPromo in 2021. 

 Our vision is to provide customers with  


  1. Value for money products -There are cheap products on the market. But the quality may not even meet minimum usability requirements. There are also high-quality products that are not affordable for promotions and branding. We aim to hit the sweet spot where quality meets a fair price. 
  2. Quality – Attention to detail makes quality. Quality consists not only of the initial product which needs branding but also many other smaller details. Which process will best suit the particular product to be branded? Is the packaging enticing? Is it sturdy? Our experience has taught us to look out for these seemingly minor details. They turn out to be game-changers in the realm of the customers' experience.
  3. Product range – Our teams work tirelessly to discover new products that suit our customers' needs. They also keep track of innovative processes in the promotional branding field and bring them to market as soon as they become feasible. We offer many product categories - Apparel, Drinkware, Office products, Bags, Accessories and many more. We offer printing – Screen, Sublimation, Supa, Digital, Heat Transfer, Pad and Rotary. We offer embroidery and laser-engraving too. The list of our product range and the processes we provide on these for branding is ever-growing. Check out our product range to explore. (Product Categories button). 
  4. Prompt access – We deliver Australia-wide – on time! You have many other things to worry about than periodical follow-up on your order. With us – you don’t need to. Once an order is placed – you can rest assured it will arrive by the specified time. You can also track your progress thru our website.
  5. A hassle-free experience - We have built an intuitive platform so that with just a few clicks you can complete your transaction. We know you have much to do and much to achieve with the time you save.
  6. After-sales – For us, it doesn’t end when you receive your product. It ends when you are satisfied with it. 
  7. A conscientious way to do business – We believe in community. We believe in social issues. That’s why we source from Australian vendors and the branding is done locally as well. Many of our products come with environment-friendly variants. You and us together – we have it in us to build a better Australia. 


 And yet, Why Us?

 That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? But we aren’t the right people to answer that question. The right to answer belongs to thousands of satisfied customers. Customers who applaud our customer service. They pat us on the back for making their vision come true. And they appreciate the hard work we put in.

 An organisation-wide vision where you, the customer, come first will bring about those results.

 When customers have an issue with achieving minimum quantities, we bend over backwards to try and accommodate them. When a client is stuck with the designing of artworks, our team is there to help. When a customer wishes to apply a non-standard process to a product, we put our brains and experience to work. We try and make it happen. And then we call it innovation!

 We get you! Real people running real businesses and facing real challenges. Sometimes, someone who understands these challenges has the answers you seek. 

 Hit the enquire now button or call 03-8595 7568 to speak to us if you have any questions or are facing any hurdles. We love to hear about what you need. And our team loves challenges.

 Come to us with an idea and we will improvise. Come to us with a plan and we will execute!