Things you absolutely need to know - How to immediately spot a great vendor and build a  long-term profitable partnership?

Things you absolutely need to know - How to immediately spot a great vendor and build a long-term profitable partnership?

Every business deals with vendors – be it for products or services. It is an important part of your business, wouldn’t you say?

A bad vendor can cause disappointment, losses and other repercussions.

A good vendor can be a source of repeatable profits, excitement and saves time for you and your team. If you are sure that the product you have ordered will arrive on schedule and as expected – it saves you unnecessary stress and time. You will not spend time and effort putting out fires caused by no fault of yours.

Yet, many businesses miss one or more of the following steps in evaluating a new vendor:

  1. Cost evaluation
  2. Quality
  3. Location
  4. Reliability
  5. After-Sales
  6. Shared values
  7. Community and environmental impact

Cost and Quality are inversely proportional. The trick is finding that sweet spot where great quality meets a fair price.

And quality does not only mean the quality of the product itself. It also includes the services provided to enhance your visibility. At the same time, it includes the packaging. Is your customer excited to receive the gift just by looking at the packaging? Is the product packed in sturdy packaging to account for transit? After all, deliveries from our store reach every corner of Australia. Many other minor details contribute to quality. Engage our MakeMyPromo team to understand how we strive to deliver you great quality!

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The MakeMyPromo team has been in the budget workwear and promotional branding space for over a decade. They work hard behind the scenes to get you the best value for money. This has resulted in thousands of satisfied customers served. Everyone has testimonials on their sites. We have the satisfaction of knowing our customers are happy. They mean the encouragement they give us. Our customers know that whatever the issue, we will always work with them to resolve it. The relationship continues even after the delivery of the sale.

It is important to our customers and us that we support our communities. Our products are locally sourced and the branding services are done locally as well. We offer a range of eco-friendly products. We are continually assessing our impact on the environment and minimizing ways to reduce this impact.

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