Unique Promotional Products - How To  Design One and Instantly Become A  Hero.

Whether you are a pro at customizing promotional products or a newbie, sometimes coming up with a new and unique idea can be daunting.

Fear not – this guide aims to give you a step-by-step to-do list to get you from wanting to design your next product till you have it in your hands.  But first, if you haven’t already – do check out our ‘3 Important tips to maximise what you get out of your promotional products’. Let’s go through them for a quick recap.

  1. Use a catchphrase. This helps with customers retaining the image of your brand. If you have one, great. If not, try and come up with a concise sentence that embodies your vision and virtues. It helps if the catchphrase is witty but do not trade clarity for humour.
  2. Put your brand on the latest fad. Right now, the top two trends are sort of contradictory – ‘Work from Home’ and ‘Return to Office’. Work from home is a trend that is likely to continue into the near future. At the same time, there are a lot of companies that are asking their staff to return to the office. Some are adopting a hybrid version where some days of the week are from home and some are at the office. You could choose products that help customers navigate this new trend with laptop bags to carry their work home and vice versa. Or drinkware (no one wants to share cups and cutlery at the office anymore) and the like. Privacy covers for webcams is a good idea as well. And of course, wireless devices are trending. No one wants to be looking for a plug point while in the middle of a video call meeting.
  3. Curate your promotional products portfolio. Identify specific items for a specific target market.
  • Choose low-cost items for non-targeted customers. Examples are tote bags, beanies and drawstring bags.
  • For customers likely to buy or loyal and repeat customers or as customer rewards - choose higher-value products depending on budget.
  • Another criterion is the age of your target customer. Generation X customers value family life and individualism. They are independent. Travel items are a good place to start for such clients – coolers, picnic blankets, travel organizer and the like.
  • Millennials and Gen Zers are entering the workforce in large numbers. Social and environmental issues are important to them. Many different promotional products come in eco-friendly variants for such clients.
  1. Build your range around a theme or an event. Plan a campaign around these events. Choose a product that matches your company’s motto and persona. Are you about to launch a new product? Or received/about to receive recognition or an award? Achieve a time-based milestone? These are all events you can build your promotions around. The event could also be a reward for customers who have shown loyalty. Promotional products handed out ad hoc aren’t nearly as effective as products that are part of a well-thought-out campaign

 The next item on the list is to decide the budget and the quantity you wish to give to customers. MakeMyPromo allows you some of the lowest minimum quantities in the industry so you don’t need to worry too much about the budget.

Now that we have the foundation set, the rest is easy.

  1. Choose an online custom product retailer platform like MakeMyPromo.
  2. Select a product from the platform. Popular products are apparel, headwear, drink wear, office and desktop accessories. Use filters to narrow down your search. Include product category, sizes available, features etc while filtering. Customize your options – for example: for T-shirts, you may need to choose the sizes.
  3. Upload your logo, company name and motto to the platform’s website. If you do not have one or more of these, the platform can help you design the artworks as well.
  4. Choose the type of service you would like on your product – the 3 major categories are – Print, Embroidery and Laser. Each of these categories has sub-categories. Example – Under the printing category – MakeMyPromo provides screen, sublimation, supa, digital, pad, rotary and heat transfer printing. MakeMyPromo adds new technologies as they become sustainable. Choose the service based on the budget and intended outcome of the branding.
  5. The platform will send you the image of your uploaded artwork on the product. This is an important step and you must ensure your logo, name and motto are highly visible. If they are not, request a change of position from the retailer. If that doesn’t work either(probably due to technical feasibility), do not hesitate to request the retailer for a change in the product itself.
  6. Once the artwork, positioning and image are confirmed – you may request a sample to see the quality of the final product. Sample charges for different products vary and will be higher than bulk order prices. On MakeMyPromo – these sample charges are refundable on going through with your bulk purchase. See the terms and conditions for sample purchase here (Sample purchase terms and conditions link).
  7. Once you approve the sample – all you have to do is confirm with the retailer and wait for delivery of your product.

And there you have it! You have put in the work and now it's time to watch the happy faces of customers and colleagues alike (and of course, bask in the accolades!). And the best part is most of the steps in the above guide have to be done only once. The next time around, half your work is done!

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